You might be wondering, "what's with all the Fetish art?" well the answer to that is beyond me. :) i just find shiny clothing and Bondage interesting to look at... and participate in. I started this site so i could have my own area to post whatever pictures i wanted without any restrictions as far as nudity or theme goes.
My enjoyment in creating computer generated 3D art began in 2001 when i discovered a free program called DazStudio. It allowed me to create beautiful works of art with less effort than traditional art forms. I found it opened the door to other great programs such as Poser, Carrara, Modo and ZBrush. After purchasing a copy of Carrara7 and trying the trial versions of the other programs i find myself still using DazStudio more often because, in my opinion, its more user friendly. In addition to still frame pictures, DazStudio also allows you to create your own animations. 
My work flow will usually start with a rendered 3d image inside DazStudio and then into Photoshop for touch ups. This is still a new site that i am trying to develop but i would like to add a tutorial section in the future where i will post some useful how to's for some common and perhaps not so common problems one may come across while creating 3d art. On a rare occasion i will create an image inside Photoshop using a graphics tablet. Very rare occasion because it cramps up my hand. :) 
Aside from CG art i also spend a lot of time painting on canvas, drawing and sculpting.
Enough with the rambles, let's get to the art already!